Lace details.

Wedding season is upon us and dressing up on the weekends has become the new norm. I don't mind it much as it breaks up my denim and tee uniform. I see this as a gift to my husband who sees me more disheveled than not. 

Sorry babe, I blame the children and their Pirate Booty hands. In fact, I write this with unwashed hair, yoga pants and a smattering of melted M&M on my shirt. I digress...

As you know, I'm a big fan of the details hence the lace hem on this dress made it a done deal. It's from one of my favorite sites, ShopLately. Paired with hot pink heels, you've got a no-brainer on your hands.

I thought I was over strapless dresses but the jury is out on that one. I think when it comes down to it - I just need a faux tan and we'd be good to go. That and a blow out. Oy...a woman's work is never complete.

Shop my outfit below: