I choose happiness. (unedited)

I don't know if Mercury is in Retrograde or what this week but I feel as if there's a lot of communication drop outs and negativity swirling around me. I looked it up...it isn't. (For the record, it starts again on 5/19 so get ready!) When plans go awry and the world seems turned upside down, I follow one simple rule.

What does this mean you ask? And where's today's fashion post? 

I'm pausing for a moment because let's be real...life isn't always the way bloggers portray it. Life isn't styled with tulips spilling out of totes whilst puppies patiently pose at our well-heeled feet. No, it's not. 

Today, I'm going to tell you my mantra for life and it's not always easy. In fact, it's a dedicated lifestyle change that I made seven years ago. Probably one of the best decisions I made.

I choose happiness.

I consciously choose it every morning the moment I wake up. I choose it on my worst days. I choose it on my best days. 

It sounds pretty straight forward right? Not always. And how...just how do you choose happiness?

It's a conscious effort. It takes work and practice but like anything, it becomes easier over time. 

The whole reason this post transpired is because it's only Thursday and I've encountered, listened and talked to several people that are either unhappy or in unpleasant situations. It happens. Shit happens. Life ain't easy. 

I reserve my judgement because I've been there. I've been really down and out for a rather long period of time. But, you know who's in charge of your destiny...your happiness? Only one person. You. You have the power to change any situation. To find happiness. No one, but you. 

Try as we might to blame our corporate job, our boyfriend, our girlfriend, our friend, our sister, our wife, our father...ultimately you hold the keys to your happiness. 

Today's post is unedited. Hopefully, it encourages one person to wake up and take a baby step towards finding their happiness. Even if it's for 30 minutes each day. It's about empowering yourself to change your outlook towards the universe.

My secret. It's simple. I follow these steps:

  1. I wake up and think about one thing that I'm looking forward to that day.
  2. I take pride in getting dressed and feeling good about myself despite the fact that I don't partake in regular facials, massages and nail appointments like I once had the time to do.
  3. I smile. I try to smile within the first 30 minutes of waking up which is not hard to do around Fric + Frac aka Liv and Lola.
  4. I savor. For me...it's coffee. Mornings and coffee are a marriage to me. One does not exist without the other. The first thing I do when I wake up is start brewing.
  5. The days I have childcare, coffee in hand...I walk to my computer and read about the things I want to read about be it a blog, the news, Facebook, a fashion site. It doesn't matter. I take a moment to myself.
  6. I call my parents or a friend I need to catch up with. I make a deliberate choice to stay in touch with the people I love because they make me smile. (see, there it is again!)
  7. This is true: I try to watch a snapshot of the previous night's Jimmy Fallon Show. No joke. That shit is funny. If you can't laugh out loud by yourself because of that man...you have bigger issues.
  8. I hug and tell my family I love them over and over and over again. Even if the last time I did it was five minutes ago.
  9. I write. I practice writing all the time.
  10. I look to Instagram for pretty imagery and inspiration. People are so damn creative...it's really admirable.
  11. I walk away from my computer and go to the grocery store. Then I buy candy. Most problems are solved.
  12. Finally, on particularly shitastic days (yes, I have them) I drink a glass of wine. We could solve most of the world problems if everyone chilled the freek out. Wine will accomplish this for you.

Not rocket science, right? I know. It's a choice. I leave the past in the past. I only look forward.

And I think to myself, "Gosh, I'm so lucky." I look at these faces, these healthy faces, and know that I have a really good thing.

...even on the mornings when my current sleeping situation is less than ideal. See above.

Choose happiness!

(and stop blaming your environment for robbing you of life's simply joys)