10 Packing Tips - Grange style!

Coming off of Spring Break is pretty much the ultimate low point...especially that first Monday. Ahem...yesterday. My kids have gotten much more mature and have become quite the little travelers which makes every vacation easier and easier. That said, we kind of have a drill down or strategy, I should say, when it comes to the preparation part. 

Sure, we're done with diapers and bottles but with every age, there is a new challenge. Today, I'm sharing 10 of our must-have packing tips to help you navigate everything from indoor water parks  (hi Wisconsin Dells) to all-inclusive vacas in Riviera Maya. Read on!

10 Packing Tips: Grange Style

  1. Bring your own beach towels because hotel towels are usually super small.
  2. Bring bandaids because it's probably been awhile since you've worn flip flops and blisters are unavoidable with a lot of walking. Plus bandaids are expensive at hotels.
  3. Plan on breakfast at home! We always bring fruit and healthy snacks so that we don't have to eat every single meal out. Bagels will keep the entire week in the mini fridge along with some cream cheese!
  4. When in doubt - swim it out! One surefire way to get the kiddos pooped for bed time is lotsa swimming. We bring multiple bathing suits. My husband will take them right after breakfast and sometimes a night swim just to be adventurous.
  5. Bring multiple chargers. My kids don't nap anymore. We make sure daily down time occurs before dinner complete with some iPad couching while Mom + Dad shower up and enjoy happy hour. Better be fully charged each day!
  6. Speaking of: BYOB. We bring a case of wine so that we don't have to order room service each day. No tip or delivery service either; we splurge and get a $60 bottle for some nights. 
  7. Buy a cheap wine key and bring it in your makeup bag. The rooms are always missing these essentials.
  8. Have a back up plan. Bring Motrin, Pepto, Advil...kids and adults catch weird things on vacation. Come prepared.
  9. What's your dinner plan? As in...do you want to have a conversation? We bring coloring kits to the restaurants complete with markers, paper and crayons. Busy is a good distraction.
  10. Pack an emergency outfit in your carry on - for EVERYBODY. There's nothing worse than lost luggage and no underwear. If you're a kid, there's nothing worse than lost luggage and no bathing suit.

What are some of your favorite packing tips? Do tell! The Grange Family intends to make a pit stop in Mexico when school lets out...we're taking recos!