STAY: A new series + why you need to check out The Pfister Hotel.

I'm excited to launch a new series here on 101 things i love. STAY is a series dedicated to discovering your own backyard...the ultimate staycation experience, if you will. The idea came to fruition after countless nights of my husband and I sitting with laptops on our laps and furrowed brows wondering when our next opportunity would be to truly disconnect. Hence, the quick STAYcation was born with the opportunity to scoop the girls up and drive somewhere just to indulge in spa robes, hotel pools and copious happy hours...and plenty of cocktail peanuts. 

Fortunate for us, this past weekend kicked off with a STAYcation at the gilded Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. Just 1.5 hours north of our cozy neighborhood, sits a gorgeous hotel with luxury accommodations in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Teeming with blushing brides, proud parents, local students and young families - you'll find impeccable service and tasty food all housed within these four walls.

Each morning, we rock, paper, scissored on who's job it would be to head down to the cafe for the requisite Starbucks and scone field trip. Hardly a horrible chore! Everything is freshly baked each morning. I can't think of a corner in this hotel where I didn't bump into a smiling staff member. It's like Pleasantville in the best way possible.

In between our breakfast situation and dinner we spent time visiting the 3rd Ward and sightseeing. But, like any good parent knows, toddlers need a moment of quiet before serious meltdowns ensue. This is generally my favorite time of day. A 30-minute siesta before we hit the pool + happy hour.

My husband and I would trade off each day. The first day I hit Blu for a couple glasses of wine whilst knocking off a bit of my social media work. The views cannot be beat. Lakefront 180 degree views at the top of the Pfister Hotel Tower offer up a window to the world and almost the entire landscape of downtown Milwaukee. It's not a bad place to in velvet blue, club chairs, I sat and enjoyed people watching as guests milled in and out between the various hotel functions. It's simply gorgeous. You might have saw my post over the weekend, too.

Behold the hotel pool! The true highlight of the trip for anyone under the age of 10! All it took was one physically exhausting hour of play with our girls before we hit the showers and headed out for dinner. (this is a genius move because all we had to do post-dinner is come home, change and flip on Zootopia and it was light's out, sister!) 

Might I recommend ordering a nice bottle of Meiomi Pinot Noir from room service? My husband and I laid in bed sipping wine before we, too passed out with empty wine glass in hand. 

This STAYcation away was exactly what my little family needed. We explored an old friend - downtown Milwaukee - spent QT with our girls uninhibited by work emails and conference calls. We will indeed be returning to The Pfister Hotel. It felt like a home away from home with tons of fun things to do with the kids including Children's Museums and the Public Market.

Next time I'll be booking a package - preferably the Bed + Breakfast so I don't have to scare anyone away with my morning bed head! 

Stay tuned for my next STAYcation right here in Chicago! And be sure to check out the Pfister Hotel on Facebook and Instagram!

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