Ya know, everyone has their opinions about Valentine's Day. Me? I like to celebrate all of the holidays. And what's not to love about love?

My husband and I celebrate Valentine's Day a little bit differently compared to years ago but it's still the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy some conversation...just the adults. 

And...this week is officially SKIRT WEEK at 101 things i love...more on that later!

This year I turned to ShopLately for my Vdate outfit. A little bit of fancy intertwined with a little bit of laid back. That's how we roll over at the Casa de Grange.

You may remember from past posts that I am a huge fan of ShopLately because it's a marketplace with a wide variety of vendors constantly loading new arrivals every Monday. It's my go-to site for keeping up on accessory, apparel and jewelry trends. 

They even have an "Insider Program" where you can receive free shipping on ALL items. For $9.00 a year, let's just say it's worth your time. You can sign up here!

You didn't think I would forget the bling did you? Naaah....

Check out my fellow blog gals and their ShopLately Vday looks, too: Jen & Tabitha.

H&M denim shirt | c/o ShopLately skirt | c/o Lulu's heels | c/o ShopLately necklace & ring | H&M clutch 

Shop my outfit below...and tune in all week for skirt style posts in honor of Valentine's Day! It's SKIRT WEEK!