Whoa #chiberia, whoa.

Dear Lord...did the weather people have it all wrong! New York had nothing on the Midwest. We got dumped on yesterday! Get 16 inches of snow and let me know how it goes all right friends?

My husband spent about 20 minutes suiting everyone up yesterday only for the girls to penguin walk back in 10 minutes later asking for hot cocoa. Snotty noses and pink cheeks for the win! 

...and I did not venture out all day which is perfectly fine. Who else is going to make the quesadillas and hot chocolate? Exactly! I also wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt all day...not this!

How did you spend your snow day? What did you snack on during the Super Bowl? Favorite commercial? Mine was United States Army (tearjerker!) and the Nissan commercial. I liked all the serious ones for a change! Oh and the always commercial...how does a girl run? fight? I totally teared up. 

Who's got PMS? This guy!

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