Beauty 411: Five Mini Mascaras

I'm a mascara snob. It's true. I've tried many in my lifetime, especially when I worked for a beauty website. I had an entire supply closet of products that I would readily dole out to friends and family when they came over. 

Those days have passed, however I still receive my fair share of beauty products to test, gloss and style. You should know that while I love reviewing products; I only write about the ones that stop me in my tracks.

With that said, I do believe in trial before jumping in head first with new cosmetics. It's a hefty price to pay for the latest long-last gloss or flawless foundation. Which brings me to today's topic - mini mascaras! They are the perfect solution to being a lady on-the-go. Running from the gym to work to events...stash these everywhere because they fit in everything! 

Here are my top five mini mascaras:

  1. Make Up For Ever - Smoky Extravagant: If you're seeking dramatic, thick, black lashes then you must try this brand! I will definitely invest in the full size version. This is great for those va-va-voom Valentine's Day!
  2. GlamNatural - Black: I use this lil gem to add layers of color. The dainty brush is super for the corners, too. One great feature is that the product is all flaking either! I wear this on the weekends when I want to look bright eyed but not too done up.
  3. Clinique - High Impact Black: This used to be my favorite of all time. It's just a clean product and easy to remove. That's double points in my book. A great daily mascara that's suitable for the office without making you look like a raccoon by happy hour.
  4. UltraFlesh - Blackout: This is a new addiction AND addition to the family. I'm totally digging on the size and shape of the wand. It's a comb with a slight bend that really and truly helps you separate your lashes. Even at the end of the tube! I hate that clumpy look I get when the product is at the end of its shelf life.
  5. Lancome Definicils - Noir: I was raised on this brand practically. My mother used it and I keep returning to it. Also a great layering mascara to create depth. When I wear it, people always ask me if I have fake lashes. I think that's a compliment!?

Those are my faves...what are yours?

What do you want to hear about next week? Happy Friday!

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