Layer upon layer.

Polar Vortex has reared her ugly head again this winter and I'm layering up in preparation. You see, it's all about dressing smarter, not harder. ...errr something like that.

Truth is, I go through spurts. I just completed my denim spurt hence I'm craving skirts and dresses. Natch, in -11 temps. 

I'm also making a concerted effort to reuse and recycle my closet. Sure, Santa brought a sprinkling of new pieces but I really want to focus on making several outfits with some of my closet this dress.

I can't believe I've never layered it before! So easy and a totally wearable look for winter. I wanted to layer a plaid shirt under it but I thought you might all "unfollow" me forever because I have been using and abusing plaid these days.

...and yes, I realize I need to take a break from plaid!

As a matter of fact, everything I'm wearing in this outfit is recycled with the exception of my topcoat which I scored on super steal around Thanksgiving. I've already worn the heck out of it so ROI will not be a problem.

Shop my outfit below!