The Money Pit Series: Lola's Big Girl Room

The Money Pit Series is back! This round is all about my baby turned big girl. Lola finally kicked her crib to the curb and upgraded to this bright, whimsical bed that our entire family just adores. 

We now gravitate to her room because of the warmth her room evokes. It's amazing what a bed does for a little girl. Lola is so proud of her room that she actually wanders upstairs when no one is noticing just to sit and read books. Something that really warms a parent's heart, I tell ya.

Today I'm sharing bits and baubles of her bed and some of the details that pulled it all together with the hope to add a "part deux" next week showcasing the rest of her room. It's an eclectix mix of vintage and modern making it my new favorite room in the house. 

Lola's spirit animal is the elephant. Fortunately we have amazing aunts and uncles who have gifted her antique elephants from the Rose Bowl Flea Market to special treasures handed down from her grandfather. 

I never had a clear vision for her room but it pulled together way better than I could have ever anticipated!


And...yes, we plan to rid all the rooms of the ugly, blue carpeting but hasn't been a priority. Next up...wall color!

Shop some of her bedroom accessories below! (all art from Etsy and artfairs; all accessories from flea markets and beyond)