A lesson in contrast.

The SKIRT WEEK trend continues but today is the quintessential "Johanna" outfit. If I could illustrate my personality by way of fashion - this is it. A sharp contrast in color and 100% girly to the core.

I used to try and tone down my girly side, however; the older I get, the more I embrace all the things that make me happy. Wearing pink. Eating chocolate daily. Working hard. Being a supportive friend. Cooking. Tickling my girls. Staying in on a Saturday night.

Just a small snapshot of the things we often overlook on the most stressful days.


And what's Valentine's Day if not a celebration of love...and doing the things you love. Perhaps a bit cheesy but I'll take any Hallmark holiday that makes it okay to dial up the cheese. Let's face it...life is indeed short.

This year we have a very low key day planned. We are paying a visit to the grandparents to drop off a special treat from the girls and then heading home to prep a big, tasty family-style dinner.

Oh and yes, copious amounts of red wine which is a necessity when cooking...don't you think?

As you gear up for that infamous day, single or not, just remember that it's really a just an opportunity to relish the little things and perhaps a simple reminder that we should do that daily...not just once a year.

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