Paint the town red.

If you're going to wear loud colors, my advice is to go minimal on all else. I didn't always feel this way, however; as I get older...less really IS more. Unless it's champagne...then by all means, drink up and more is more!

I was drawn to this dress for its simplicity. You don't need much...just a bold lip and killer shoes. I am on the fence about whether black or neutral heels are the way to go. Jury is still out on that one. 

In other news, I cannot get enough of these gold aviators. They are so lightweight and for the price point - it's a slam dunk. $28!

You know what this dress is? It's a patio-sippin' dress. That perfectly describes my style in the summer. Opting for what's the easiest to breathe in without sacrificing style. 

Are you a fan of red and ruffles? If so, shop my outfit below: