Rose tinted.

I am guessing that many of us feel disgruntled this morning. Myself included. We are so exhausted from the election yet we feel like someone robbed us in the middle of the night. How do you discuss with your kiddos? At least that's the question ruminating around my brain this morning. I'm kicking myself for even amping up the mere thought of a female president to them last night. You live and you learn.

I read something this morning as I was catching up on some work. "Become what you respect." So maybe that's the message we should be emphasizing today. Rather than dwelling on the negativity...maybe it should be more of a discussion about teaching our children the behavior that we want them to exhibit for the future; not after him, and that there is still hope for a female president one day. Maybe it will be one of them!

I believe they call that looking at the world through "rose colored glasses." Except mine are tinted. Slight difference. 

Moving on...let's discuss the holidays. This is my Santa uniform. No jacket required because let's face it - the stores are steamy and we're on a mission come Black Friday. A serious mission to knock everyone off our list. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style though.

For $70, these boots are made for walking. Surprisingly. You'd think that they are uncomfortable but nope. I wore them for eight hours straight without a wimper. BooHoo has amazing, on-trend items for such great prices. If you've never been, I implore you to give it a browse.

How are you feeling today? Elated? Disappointed? Or ready to move on? I'd love to hear!

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Shop my exact outfit below:

Photography by Gabrielle Daylor

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