A love affair with dresses.

I picked up this dress in December because dresses are my jam. I'm sure you're shocked at this new revelation. It was reasonably priced back then - much to my chagrin, I returned two items yesterday @ Topshop and this dress is now on super sale to the tune of a whopping $40. Darn it. This always happens to me. Swear. <today is your lucky day because I found the exact one online and linked it below>

It's a pretty emerald color, star eyelet pattern with sheer sleeves. I wore it around the holidays and then some…but with tights because it's freezing yet again. I love the shape of this dress, too…the high waist is minimizing and the Victorian neck is a fun twist. I've even worn it over liquid leggings.

Shop my exact outfit below:

Photography by Hallie Duesenberg