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Fearless Friday: Sanem D'Angelo

Sanem is a girl's girl. She works tirelessly to grow her own business but she's just about the biggest supporter of her fellow entrepreneurs as anyone could be. She's a mother, a wife, a #girlboss, a friend and so much more. Every time I see her, it's no time has passed. I could talk to this woman about pretty much everything under the sun. She's equal parts serious as she is funny, too. We traded a few mom stories just the other night. She always makes me giggle because she keeps it real. What you don't know is that this beauty is the owner of a thriving boutique nestled in Oak Park for seven years now! That's retail success right there! See how she got started and meet one of my favorite Chicagoans!

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Fearless Friday: Corri McFadden

Corri has been an unstoppable force in the fashion community for years. Her story has inspired young women and fellow entrepreneurs for years including myself. Not only has her brand, eDrop-off, withstood multiple economy shifts but it continues to thrive. She's a knock-out, a rocker, a momma, a #bossbabe, a fashionista and more. Check out what makes Corri such a fan favorite in the Chicago community!

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Fearless Friday: Elaina Vazquez

Elaina is a petite but mighty boss babe. I met her several years ago at local events and then I really got to know her at a special dinner hosted by a friend. She is lovely. Always a smile on her face but what's really fascinating is to watch her in action. She glides through her events with an infallible grace. I've never seen her break a sweat or furrow a brow. (two things I do on the regular)

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Fearless Friday: Elizabeth Williams

When you meet Liz, her warm smile will undoubtedly be the first thing you notice. She puts everyone at ease. There is a twinkle in her eye that never dulls and, in fact, gets brighter when she talks about her husband or her kids...and now her newest baby, Coat Check

Having lived in Chicago followed by a short stint to New York only to find herself back in Chicago once more...Liz is the perfect addition to the emerging fashion scene in Chicago.

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Fearless Friday: How to Handle Confrontation

After 19 years of knowing my husband, I'm still learning. That's the wonder of marriage. Long story short, I've had a bit of a black cloud over my head in the work arena. Just a lot of weird situations. Anyhooo...I was telling my husband about two precarious situations - one at work and one via blogging - the other day and he just shut down.

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t+j Designs Launch!

It's a special thing when mompreneurs band together and support each other. Today I'm sharing a new launch for t+j Designs that I am excited to support. I've spent a good portion of my shopping money on Tiffany and Jen's site for two reasons: 1. I love their jewelry and most recently, clothing! and 2. I believe in supporting small/local businesses. (Lisa owns her own business, too: BISTM! Check it out if you want to make some room in your closet!)

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