Happy Spring! We made it! I'm already on board with a brand new color palette as you can tell! Bring on the brights! There's no better mood booster than bright colors and a wardrobe refresh. Ok maybe one thing...freshly colored locks. A girl's gotta take care of herself.

Anyways, meet AMI Clubwear. The destination of which this awesome, Spring-y dress came from. 

Peek-a-boo...time to flex those abs. Or work on them...whichever comes first. Sandal season is looming around the corner. Speaking of sandals...these are under $20! I was in the market for a new ankle strap sandal and they couldn't be more comfy. The come in nude, too!

I love the strap details on this dress. All I need is a tan...darn it, I know. Caspar the friendly ghost here.

Who's embracing Spring like me? To inch one step closer, head on over to AMI Clubwear and peruse the cutest swim suits, dresses, tops and more. You'll even have room for a new pair of shoes, promise! Happy Monday!

Shop my outfit below: