The thing about rain is that while it sucks after days of it; it does some pretty rad things for the local greenery. The only thing that has been "enhanced" in these photos is my aging complexion! Ha!

I was shopping for Mother's Day last week when I ran into a friend at the mall. We made a pitstop in Zara when she spotted this top. Normally I would walk right by it. Not sure why but it's true. She convinced me that it would be so great for vacation, etc and minutes later I was at the check out. Well, thank goodness for friends with good sartorial sense because I now adore this top!

It's so cheery and with the turquoise earrings...the rest is history, as they say!

The only tricky thing about halter tops like this is finding the right bra. Why is this always my problem? Somewhat ironic for a girl who has no chest!

My denim is a style steal, too and such a great diversion from my normal skinny or distressed uniform. This is how Spring should be: colorful and happy! One more sleep til' the weekend!

Shop my outfit below: