Put a little love in your heart!

I've been resisting this wall for almost a year. Not because it isn't the most adorable thing ever but because everyone has shot in front of it. Played out? Perhaps. Not that I'm the Magellan of street murals because let's face it...we're all stealing ideas from our peers when it comes to social media and blogging...BUT, I just didn't have anything original to bring to the table.

But then...I succumbed. I realized that I don't have to have the flashiest outfit. I just need to feel comfortable in the skin I'm in. And so began today's style post...with a classic wrap dress

Let's face it...the accessories kinda speak for themselves. I mean, that clutch...stop!

It's pretty hard to resist the powers that are pink + red. I mean, look at me...I'm even posing like a goof. How can you not smile?

The shoes were kind of an accident. I love these old(er) Sole Society heels which were part of another outfit post, however; I had fringe booties planned with this dress but put together...not so much! A pleasant mistake at that! (thank goodness for photographers who are sane and have good taste, Gabby!) 

I must admit I've never owned a wrap dress. Seems more conservative than my personality but the unexpected length and neckline make it a tidge different. 

Do you own a wrap dress? How do you style it?