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Another day, another OTS top. I'm a one trick pony this summer. Fully aware but who can resist? I'm a sucker for details and those sleeves are just too too good. Speaking of too too good, my top is a whopping $13 and I've linked it below along with similar options that rank pretty high in the cute category!

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Flora and Fall.

I'm not saying I am ready for Fall because that would be a sin but I might be ready to bring back denim. Just a little bit each week. I fell in love with this pair from Old Navy - under $50 and linked below - and they keep their shape perfectly. Pretty sure I need a second pair. My top is a steal. I love the mesh details and yep, you guessed it...bell sleeves! At $20, I am pretty sure you need it in your closet, too. It's perfect for cool nights and looks equally cute with cut off and sneaks. My other favorite uniform!

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You're the "pine"apple of my eye!

When I saw this dress - I had to have it! It's pink and for god's has pineapples! I know there's only a short window of summer left in Chicago so plan on me wearing it INCESSANTLY! Surprisingly affordable but it sold out rather quickly so I've linked some rather luxe versions for your shopping pleasure! 

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Bright whites.

I've had this crochet dress for several years and never shot in it. Crazy, I know. Literally the 8th Wonder! I kid. In all honesty, it was relatively inexpensive from the ever-popular ASOS website. I love it for two reasons. I can dress it up as shown above AND I can pair it with a pair of combat boots for a totally different look. Just add a leather jacket!

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Business in the back, party in the front.

There's something very effortless about this dress. You just throw it on and go! The short hemline in the front is playful with just a tidge of a longer hemline in the back to keep things modest. I love the embroidery and the longer sleeves for cooler mornings. Basically, this dress was made for Fall!

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That's a wrap! (+ a giveaway!)

Let's talk about wrap dresses shall we? 

First of all, did you have a good weekend? Good! Me, too!

Back to the infamous wrap dress. I've never been a fan. Why? Well, I feel like they draw a bit of attention to my mid-section of which I am not a fan all. For 38 years I've been on + off working on my abs and let's just say that God has not blessed me with a six pack. But that's okay, we move on and accentuate other parts of our bodies like great legs or strong arms. Am I right?

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Let's keep it tropical.

Last summer I was on the hunt for a great banana leaf/palm print dress. That didn't happen...most likely because I was looking too hard. You know how that goes. This year I was obsessed with lace up sandals until I stumbled upon this...this dress which made all my tropical dress dreams come true!

It's always when you're not looking, right?

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