That's a wrap! (+ a giveaway!)

Let's talk about wrap dresses shall we? 

First of all, did you have a good weekend? Good! Me, too!

Back to the infamous wrap dress. I've never been a fan. Why? Well, I feel like they draw a bit of attention to my mid-section of which I am not a fan all. For 38 years I've been on + off working on my abs and let's just say that God has not blessed me with a six pack. But that's okay, we move on and accentuate other parts of our bodies like great legs or strong arms. Am I right? 

All of this changed when I had the privilege to work with Pink Blush. As a dress fanatic, their dress department cannot be beat. It's generally the first category I click on. And their wrap dresses caught my eye. The patterns were so feminine and graceful. I began to wonder if I should give this whole wrap dress idea a second thought. 

So I did and I am really glad I did, too! This trendy online boutique has, in fact, nailed the wrap dress. I chose this coral number because I thought it would transition info Fall nicely. The longer sleeves make a great case for the above! The reason I fell in love with this dress is two-fold...

1. It's made of 5% spandex! Stretchy in all the right places and not the least bit uncomfortable. I appreciate a dress that moves with me. Bonus: no dry cleaning needed either!

2. The sash tie elongates your tummy section while sucking you back in. There's no break in the silhouette. One of my pet peeves is empire waist dresses because I think they make you look heavier. This sash tie hits you at your natural waist which is minimizing. 

All you need is a great, neutral heel pulling in the deeper, orangey red tones of the dress and you have #ootd perfection. I wear it to meetings or dinners out.

I love a dress that makes you feel good all over. No tugging or shifting in this beauty. Just confidence. And be sure to check out Pink Blush's maternity section. They really have it all figured out taking you from one life stage to the next. What woman doesn't appreciate that?

In fact, let's do a giveaway and you can win one of your own:

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