Best booties for your buck!

Let's talk shoes. Booties specifically. As a Chicago gal, winter footwear adjusts drastically. Open toe shoes are officially a thing of the past as we hit single digits this weekend. Brrrr is right! 

Let's stop and pause for a second. How much do you spend on boots? $50? $150? More? No judgement here but what if I told you that affordable + fashionable belong in the same sentence and it's possible to find GREAT boots for under $50? BAM! It's true. Meet ShoeDazzle...better my cute, new booties shown above!


...and here's two of my other favorites that are in heavy rotation. Not ShoeDazzle but definitely MVPs.

Today's your lucky day. If you follow the "one for me, one for you" gifting strategy then I've got your covered this winter. In fact, I'm sharing 13 of my favorite ShoeDazzle booties for your shopping pleasure below:

Happy shopping! xo