Cinderella moment.

When I opened up the box containing this dress, only one thought entered my mind. "I'm going to save this dress for future proms and homecomings." It's true. I immediately envisioned my girls on their way to a school dance. 

But first, I have to get a few wears in because it is too exquisite for words. Holy pink sparkles!

I can't tell you how little I get to break out these heels which would ultimately make them a very non-sensical purchase but hey, I'm a woman. We do this from time to time. Hands in the air if you agree with me!

The jeweled waist band is my favorite feature on this Teeze Me dress. Gimme all the glitter and stat!

The most hilarious part about this shoot was the aftermath. My dress dispensed quite a fair amount of glitter from the tulle skirt in and around my car. Fast forward to Saturday when my girls got in to run an errand with me and Lola muttered, "Mom, why is there glitter everywhere?"

My response? "...because it's mom's car. I leave a trail of sparkle wherever I go."

What? I had to. It was right there. I'd like to think my girls think I'm some magical unicorn...for now.

I think this dress would be so amazing at a wedding or even a NYE fete. It's surprisingly comfortable to move in and the skirt swishes and sways with every movement. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't evoke numerous twirl sessions pre + post shoot!

And take advantage, ladies because Teeze Me is offering free ground shipping on all domestic orders which is great news when you have to order multiple fancy dresses and can't make a decision. (cough, cough...not that I've been there!)

For this dress and more of my formal Teeze Me favorites, shop the look below: