Fearless Friday: Jill + Alexis

Leave it to two driven moms to solve the world's problems. How many times have we muttered that while watching something Shark Tank? Am I the only one...can't be! Jill + Alexis banded together to make the lives of parents easier and a little less chaotic when it comes to swim time. You remember this post singing the praises of their invention: the Fasten Swimsuit.

Although their brand isn't limited to swimsuits, they are certainly the star of the show and for good reason. Potty-time at the beach or the pool has never been more efficient. Admittedly, I wasn't surprised that this ambitious duo found success early on. Jill was my roommate senior year of college, and at the time, an aspiring nurse-in-training. I was going out on Wednesday night and she was hittin' the books. Shocked, I'm sure! Jill would never settle for anything less than perfection which made launching her own business with friend, Alexis an obvious path. Alexis is the perfect suitor for Jill's sharp business acumen. Kind, driven and unwavering in her loyalty to make Fasten the next giant in children's fashion.

Meet Jill + Alexis and listen to their story!

1. What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an entrepreneur let alone in the fashion industry?   

One day by the pool a few years back, Alexis was struggling to get her little girl’s bathing suit on and off while potty training, and I (Jill) was about to have a baby girl. We couldn’t believe there wasn’t a product out there that made diaper changes and those “I’ve gotta go moments” easier and faster for little girls, so we set out to create one. In one year we went from concept to production.

2. What one Fasten moment are you the most proud of and why?  

Definitely when people we didn’t know started sending pictures to us of their kids in FASTEN swimsuits and telling us how much they loved them.

3. How would you describe a typical day?  

We work around the clock. Alexis is a night owl and works late, while I (Jill) am usually up around 5am doing work.  We break to get our kids off to school and for after-school activities, but we continuously text each other when we’re not together. Alexis handles the graphics for marketing and store relations, while Jill manages DTC fulfillment and social media.  We work together on production and design of future collections.

4.  How do you describe your personal aesthetic?   

Fun, mommy chic.  We want our brand to be bright and beachy, but the function and ease of our innovative swimwear is always on the top of our priority list.

5. What individuals, tastemakers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, public figures inspire you?  

We learn a lot from our kids!  We design around what they like, but we also ask other moms what they like to see on their kids. And of course, we watch celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Rachel Zoe to see what styles they are putting on their kids.

6. If you weren't in the fashion industry...and could be anything else...what would it be?  

Ha!  We would probably both want to be stay-at-home moms for a of couple weeks!  Then Alexis would start freelance writing again and I (Jill) would return to nursing as I love caring for patients.

7. It's creative time...what's on your music playlist? What inspires you?  

I (Alexis) listen to a variety of music from Carole King to Justin Timberlake to the incredible Hamilton soundtrack, while Jill is more of a Top 40s girl.  We are inspired when we travel, read and of course SHOP!

8. Favorite restaurant on a Friday night + why?  

We are lucky enough to live close to the beautiful Jersey shore, so our favorite spot on a Friday night is in Asbury Park. It’s so relaxing and has a great vibe. We usually start out at an open rooftop bar called Watermark (gorgeous ocean views!) and then head to Porta, a family-style gourmet pizza and pasta joint down the street. Yum!

9. Wine or classic cocktail?  

Although there is always Prosecco in the fridge, we are both happy with a Tito’s and Club Soda cocktail.

10. Favorite weekend getaway destination?   

I (Alexis) love to spend the weekend in NYC when I want some fun and excitement, but when I need an escape I head to the Catskills in upstate NY with  my family. Palm Island, FL is another favorite, although too far for a weekend getaway. Jill loves The Lodge at Woodloch in Pennsylvania or just having a few close friends come over to hang out in her backyard.

11.  Bonus question - 5 must-have apps that you need in your life to function?   

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of course, but also Amazon Fresh (who has time to grocery shop??), Dunkin Donuts App, and Dropbox!

12. What's next for Fasten?  

FASTEN continues to grow and gain traction with stores and direct-to-consumer customers.  We are obsessed with our Resort ‘16 and Summer ‘17 lines, which are being shown in Trade Showrooms around the country!  We continue on our mission to REVOLUTIONIZE the one-piece swimsuit, and make lives easier for moms and little girls everywhere!

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