My weekend kicked off on a note of disappointment. Truly. I cannot even begin to tell you the pit that resided in my stomach all day as I was contemplating how to handle a client situation. It was beyond stressful. Fortunately for me, this happens once in a blue moon. 

My husband came home and made an audible that we should do a movie/fort night with the girls and chow down on some burgers. At that point I felt lifeless but quickly agreed. Who could argue with this idea? Truthfully, that went wrong, too. Through no fault of her own, one of my daughters spilled my giant, untouched glass of pinot noir all over the floor and adjacent rug. I could have lost it but I didn't. I think the look on my face said it all. Tears happened, I felt bad and then I realized this was all of my work stress channeling out on the wrong people.

So what did I do?

I apologized. How ridiculous! It was bedtime and my Friday night was shot until she asked me to lay with her in bed. I obliged with about zero energy. Fast forward to midnight when I realized I had been sleeping in her bed the entire evening leaving my poor husband solo on the couch. 

Why am I telling you this? I'm not sure. I suppose to illustrate that I am human. And I let my work get the best of me but I also let my family center me once again. On that note, let's just say I woke up well rested and ready to turn a bad situation into a good one, stat!

I'm here to report we had a great Saturday/Sunday. Major QT time with the girls discussing future travel plans and snuggling followed by late night chats (wine induced) with my brother and his girlfriend on our patio...finished off with a family brunch and serene stroll through the Chicago Botanic Gardens yesterday. 

This weekend was exactly what I need to regain focus and brush off the negativity. If only we had a weekend in between Monday's + Tuesday's!

On the sartorial front, I have been living in this dress! It's casual and dressy at the same time and it goes with just about every pair of shoes I have. It's like sweat pants in the form of summer. Obsessed!

And the shoes? I saw these cork beauties on another blogger and immediately dug up the birthday gift card reserves. They're my new favorites because I get height + boho all in one! Whenever I buy Michael Kors shoes...they tend to become closet staples until they're no longer presentable. That should be noted.

Anyway, I hope your weekend started out on a more positive note than my own. I suppose everyone needs a mix of the bad to appreciate the good. Thank goodness for family.

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