Sassy. Party of two? Yes...right here. Meet Lola and Olivia. Summer has, in a word, been amazing for these two. Between camp, frequent froyo runs, playdates, weekend brunches and pool dates...I would like to trade in my ticket to adulthood, pronto!

Let's get back to pools and sprinklers...because we've been plowing through SPF which means my little bubble guppies are frequently in bathing suits when I see them in between meetings. And the company that made it possible - Fasten.

From cover ups to headbands to bathing suits...the two mom-preneurs behind this line have literally made motherhood a little less hectic. And by hectic, I mean that moment when your little runs up holding her private parts expressing a strong desire to go to the bathroom and you have to drop everything because you now have 15 seconds to bust a move before she urinates in public. Sound familiar? Just me...Bueller?

See that flap Olivia is holding up? It's held together by two side snaps and magnets making the potty process a cinch. All she has to do is lift and squat! No struggle to pull down a wet suit that only gets tangled the harder you pull. Nope, none of it!

In fact, I can wait outside the bathroom stall and my girls are completely self sufficient in these bathing suits. It's the most brilliant invention ever and they start in infant sizes and go up to girl sizes. 

My girls LOVE these suits. They wear them every opportunity they get and I love the cute prints. I rinse them in machine wash cold and let them air dry. Easy peasy.

Moms...run don't walk because they've slashed their prices for end of summer promotions! So many great designs to choose from, too. Heck, I want one!

Take advantage of 35% off and free shipping over $50! Happy shopping ladies! xo

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