Pipp Pipp Hooray!

When it comes to little lady dresses...I am rendered useless. Just absolute mush. I melt for my girls in dresses and it just so happens that Easter is around the corner, my friends! Meet Pippa & Julie: you're go-to source for the most darling dresses ever!

You won't encounter any fights from your littles, either. My girls were DYING to wear these dresses...so we did. A test run if you will - just because we felt like dressing up. Olivia is wearing the Lauren dress and Lola is wearing the Berry Burnout dress. I am guessing we will be wearing these on Sunday, too. They are all washed up and ready to go. Frankly, I die when I see them all dolled up. I know it's only going to be a little bit longer that my girls will allow me to control their sartorial choices. Why not have fun with it?

Pippa & Julie dresses are reasonable, too. Both of mine were under $50! An entire bevy of colors, textures and patterns, too. What are you waiting for? Let's get dressed up!

Shop similar looks below + Happy Passover/Easter!