Something dotty.

If you're new to the blog...welcome! Additionally, I'll catch you up on my fitness routine. About three years ago, I decided I wanted to firm up and tone. Losing a couple pounds would be an added bonus. I started with 30-minute work outs seven days a week. The changes happened pretty dramatically and with confidence levels restored. (having two babies back to back is hard!)

Fast forward to today, I continue to workout at the same pace only I started to plateau around the Fall of 2016. The muscle tone was there but I realized very quickly that I was going to have to push myself harder to maintain the results I had worked so hard to achieve. Enter New Year's Day (2017) when I decided to hop on a bike at my first SPIN class. The results? I'm addicted. I SPIN 3-4x's a week and on my days off I partake in pilates, yoga or weights. Missing a day results in some very bad moods and a total lack of energy.

I'm sure you could see where this is going...that's right, fashionable fitness. My laundry has doubled and I'm okay with that. That's why it's uber important for me to have lightweight, breathable fabrics at my disposal and even better...I have to be able to mix and match. It's imperative as I've bumped up my workouts to 5:45am so that I can play mom and cook dinners/manage homework in the evenings. In other words, I am dressing in the dark! More on the new results I've observed in a later post but for now, check out some colorful options to get your sweat on in today's post.

As you can tell, I gravitate towards brights. You could see my sneaks a mile husband bought them for me! 

Where do you purchase your fitness gear?

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