Chicago is my boyfriend.

You remember my Target denim post, right? Ok, good. I thought I would break down each look since it was such a fun shoot. (thanks to my talented photog, Hallie) Four denim styles deserves four separate posts, no?

I wanted Chicago as the backdrop because he's gotten quite the facelift with all the new street art as of late not to mention the amazing patios, parks and trails. Chicago will always by my boyfriend. And my true love. It's a city that's second to none.

Can we talk about this necklace for a second? I LOVE it! You probably saw it first on Insta. Berry Brand has the most eclectic, unique jewelry. It's such a welcome departure from the statement necklace that I've beaten to death. I still love 'em but this is just...original and boho and minimalist done right. Do check them out...more to come because their Fall collection - gurrrrrl!

I have to credit Hallie...The 606 is the ideal spot to shoot. It was really fun!

And this outfit is just me. Urban but casual, chic but approachable with a splash of denim and always heels. Always. Happy Monday loves!

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