Super Dawg.

Getting out of the yard has really invigorated my blog game. I have to credit my husband who came up with today's destination. He's been super creative and a great sport in supporting this blog hobby. It had to be said. Plus, I bribed him with a hot dog.

Super Dawg is iconic. Not only is it a drive up, built in 1948, it has some of the best crinkle cut french fries. So I heard...ahem.

This pineapple tee. It's from t+j Designs as is the rest of my entire outfit including jewels save for the shoes. You don't mess with a good thing. And aren't pineapples and flamingos all the rage this summer? Better yet, a glitter pineapple...uh huh, I like my tees with a side of glam. #tandjglam

Yes, I like to support local businesses and they happen to be two dear friends but I swear their site is truly a shopping habit I cannot quit. How about this flamingo skirt? I mean, shut up right?

Don't you wear party skirts and pearls on your hot dog runs? That's what I thought. Gotta keep it interesting in suburbia. The stares alone are worth a laugh. Happy Monday!

Shop my outfit below: