Strawberry fields.

There's nothing better than fresh fruit. I swear. Make that summer fruit, to be specific. By far, one of the best summer activities I've ever done with my kiddos was strawberry picking @ Stade's Farm. True, it was a bit of a hike but the loot was worth it. Buckets of strawberries, raspberries and snap peas all ripe and delicious. It's one of those messy sports that you don't mind your kids partaking in because they enjoy it and they're actually learning something, too!

There's something so innocent about your kids bolting into a field and getting extraordinarily excited about finding a big, juicy strawberry that they can claim their own. It's a proud moment for them and a cute one for the parent.

Lola was particularly fond of the raspberry portion of our adventure. Despite sticky temps, she was game for picking as many as she could fit into her mouth and bucket!

We were accompanied by some great friends which made it an official Mommy/Daughter date. Our girls are BFF's which makes it that much sweeter. (pun intended)

Olivia will never skip a photo opp. It's weird because I have no idea where she gets that from!

There's a lot to do @ Stade's Farm. While strawberry season is over...sweet corn season is only a couple days away followed by an epic Fall Festival including corn mazes, petting zoos, rides and of course, pumpkins. 

While there are quite a few farms out there, I would highly recommend the field trip out because what's better than picking your own food and getting your littles involved? Sweat and dirt sold separately!

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