No Trespassing.

Today's post is really one of gratitude. I wanted to thank you for all the kind notes and comments regarding my style posts as of late. I want to be glass half full but the reality is sometimes I have to be real. 

I've been blogging for 5 years and sometimes it's hard to stay inspired and be creative on call. Both my husband and my readers have given me a renewed spirit on the subject so thank you! It's still a lot of work but you make it rewarding. And, I think I'm overdue for a proper THANK YOU.

So this is life. If you see me on the weekends, this is what I'm wearing. I have three Pleione tops in my closet and this is my favorite by far. It's 100% flattering and dresses up all of your denim in a heart beat. Just add a chic cuff and you're set.

Sure, party skirts and hot dogs are totally my thing. But then again, so are grocery stores, kiddie carts and my adorable husband. And for that, I give you real life. Thanks for the inspo!

Shop my outfit below: