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All things pumpkin!

Despite the 90 degree temps, we're feelin' Fall in a major way. I also see 60 degree forecasts ahead so don't put those sweaters away just yet! 

Last week I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chicago Parent in sharing our favorite pumpkin inspired recipe. There are SO many pumpkin recipes out there - it's enough to make your head spin and I truly prefer the less sugary, artificial taste that so many beverages leave you with. Yick! Instead, we create a new spin on our morning smoothie. I'd love to share it with you!

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Life depicted via Instagram.

Taking a break from my usual Friday posts to stop and smell the roses. I can't believe it's been this long since I did an Instagram round up. It's always fun to look back and reflect on the special, colorful moments that define a season or a moment in time. This is a round up of October and November thus far. What I love about it is all the fun field trips we took with the kids and the COLOR. It's my personal goal to make winter as colorful as possible this year. Think I'm up for the challenge? Yes!

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Westfield Old Orchard Harvest Fest

There's so many awesome Fall activities going on this time of year. We've been jamming our weekends chalk full of pumpkins, cornstalks and cinnamon donuts.'s just another one to add to your list: the Old Orchard Harvest Fest.

This year’s event takes place Saturday, October 24th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And, if we're lucky, this 70 degree weather might hold up for yet another fantastic weekend ahead.

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Happy Halloween!

Morning friends! Ironic that just yesterday I wrong about "doing it all" and today's post is just now going live. Oy. #bloggerproblems.

Today I'm sharing a few snaps from our backyard Halloween party last weekend. We invited all of our friends, kids or sans kids, to soak up the 70 degree weather and a lot of crap food. Pretty much a perfect day for me but we'll table my junk food addictions for another day. 

Enjoy and Happy Halloween to you! Be Safe!

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5 tips to hosting an impromptu soiree...

October is my spirit month. If you're new to the blog...Halloween is my Christmas. As my girls get older and we forge relationships with new families through school or the neighborhood - I'm finding myself hosting more impromptu get together's...which I love!

I'm a sucker for the planning and the little details that go into making a neighborhood happy hour an epic night. And yes, that's with children, too. 

Due to my strong affinity for the season, I thought I'd share my top five tips to hosting an impromptu soiree without breaking a sweat. Tip: It's easier than you think!

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