Happy Halloween!

Morning friends! Ironic that just yesterday I wrong about "doing it all" and today's post is just now going live. Oy. #bloggerproblems.

Today I'm sharing a few snaps from our backyard Halloween party last weekend. We invited all of our friends, kids or sans kids, to soak up the 70 degree weather and basically...eat a lot of crap food. Pretty much a perfect day for me but we'll table my junk food addictions for another day. 

We spare no expense when it comes to decorating. Something that's taken awhile for my husband to digest. I've always loved Halloween more than any other holiday.

My Elsa and Anna. I seriously cannot believe the weather last weekend. I type this as we just witnessed our first snow flurries this morning. 

We set up games and activities all over the yard for the kiddos. And for the adults, lotsa booze. Let's be honest, it's a party foul not to.

The pinata was a hit although 18 kids loaded with sugar...not so much!

I'm sad to even think about packing up all my orange paraphernalia so I won't. Instead I'll leave you with a festive post and best wishes for a chocolate induced evening. 

Enjoy and Happy Halloween to you! Be Safe! xo

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