Totally Tobi.

January always proves to be a hard month for me in terms of fashion. Chicago weather is less than favorable and I am generally in a state of depression after exiting December which is the most colorful month of the year. I find myself gravitating towards blacks and neutrals. Which, doesn't necessarily have to be bad, does it?

I think it's a fine line of casual layers with a bit of panache. You may find me wearing the same black, distressed denim 4 out of 7 days a week BUT it's the separates that completely an entirely different look. I'm kind of obsessed with this cardigan as of late. I've worn it over maxi dresses to minis...and of course, denim. 

I also switch out bags during the week quite often. From weekend clutches to utilitarian bags for shoot and work days, this Hammitt cross body bag is my latest obsession. It's buttery soft with pockets galore and I love the rich, cognac color. 

Just add shoes and jewelry -- presto, change-o. New look, new woman!

Have I mentioned how much you can squeeze into this bag? It's fabulous. Easy, adjustable straps make it ideal for parenting or uber physical days on set. All of the Hammitt bags are luxe but this one stole my heart!

I love the back of this cardi. Comes in black, too! I like to match my faux fur with my pony tail if you know what I mean! And for $84, you can afford to have both colors because I can guarantee you will get your mileage out of this versatile piece. Promise.

How do you break free from the fashion doldrums? Do tell!