My little babes.

We have fun. It's the main ingredient in our home life. And with my little babes...breathable play clothes are an absolute necessity. Enter Little Babe Designs!

We've moved out of the pink phase...mostly!...and entered a fashion chapter dedicated to matching our moods. Lola's ABCD shirt could not be more fitting. She's my rocker babe. She also proclaimed that she loved this tee because it was "so soft."

Olivia's I'm With The Band sweatshirt also struck a chord. In case you didn't know, Olivia wants to be a pop star when she grows up. And yes, we have the SING soundtrack on repeat at our house. 

My two cuties are in the midst of defining their fashion sense but one thing is for sure - Little Babe Designs assisted in channeling our inner rockstars. Get onboard with your little dude or dudette and rock some really rad kids fashion, stat!

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