Tuesday loves.

Hi folks. Sorry for the delayed post. My site kept logging me out when I went to hit "publish." Minor irritation but we're back! How is everyone? I'm sharing my Tuesday Loves this morning and one might conclude that I am currently craving cozy knits and...well...tops of any sort. At least once a year I find my closet in a deficit for great tops. Seems like we are onto a pattern here, dear January. Anyhoo, some great AFFORDABLE options and one bad ass pair of jeans. 

I hope your week is going well! Cheers!

  1. One great layering piece under vests and cargo jackets...the peplum top!
  2. These jeans look so hot with heels.
  3. A great sweater for $30!
  4. The prettiest post-holiday clutch.
  5. I'm on the sweater craze...this is another great option!

Happy shopping! xo