Winter's Hottest Accessory.

If you follow my 101 things i love Facebook page, you know my affinity for a good daily deal. I share one every evening. Or at least I try! (if you're not, like my page to see items ranging from great sweaters to heels at great prices) Well, today is a special exception because while we might be closing the books on January...we're still in the throws of winter.

...and if you're an Instagram junkie like myself, you've probably started to see these chunky knit blankets all over. Sure, they are great for styling you're latest beauty finds for that Instagram-worthy shot but let's be honest, the real purpose is to SNUGGLE. Have you seen anything more amazing or cozy? I think not!

I've linked my favorites above. I purchased the second image in a muted, light gray and I CANNOT wait for it to arrive. Truthfully, it was poor planning because I really need it for Super Bowl Sunday. Am I right or am I right?

The only thing I am not certain of is the washability of these throw blankets. It's made out of merino wool hence I think you have to be very delicate with the giant weaves. I will be using mine as a throw at the foot of our bed so that little hands don't spill purple Gatorade on it. (that just happened this morning on my faux fur throw blanket, btw)

Just thought I'd share my latest obsession. Fashion is fun but that doesn't mean my shopping tendencies don't stray to decor every once in awhile. Enjoy and Happy Shopping!