Peachy sheen.

I'm testing a new format, friends and I hope you'll opine on whether or not you like it. I can take it either way!

Maintaining my blog has become a lotta work on top of a very full time job and more importantly, my time with my family. In order to do so and keep up my regular posting schedule, I'm going to keep the momentum but cut out the narrative when it comes to my style posts. I will continue to engage, answer questions and leave comments, however; I will be refraining from filling you on life's little quandaries. I'll leave that for the non-style posts so you still know what's going on in my world. Sound like a plan?

As for today, I might literally match the color of my dress but I couldn't resist not sharing this spicy little number that looks equally great with tights and heels for your next date night. The best part - it's $24 and made really well. It's a faux leather dress. I can't wait to wear it for Valentine's Day with the hubby.

Shop my exact look below + Happy Monday! Now on to reply to last week's comments. Cheers!