The Money Pit: this ol' office.


I think it's safe to say that the one eyesore in our house was the office. Really, I spend the most time in it and it's my domain. It didn't know what it wanted to be other than vanilla walls and a really bad paint job coupled with horrible blue carpet with stains from the kids and muddy feet. It was slightly maddening but it wasn't a priority...until now. 


Kith + Kin reached out to me wanting to do a collaboration and I almost passed truthfully. I wasn't in the mood for a home project and work has gotten so busy not to mention, at the time, a new school year beginning.

Did I mention this is a DIY project? Not exactly an area that I excel at unless it's social media flat lays or cupcake decorating. Yeah, I know my place in this world. 


Kith + Kin specializes in wood accent walls. The product offers a reclaimed wood appearance but it's cleanable. How brilliant is that? The boxes arrived and it really came down to measuring and cutting the planks to custom fit our office accent wall.

But one thing led to another and well, you know the rest...


Next came new flooring, new paint, new desks, new chairs, a new area rug and fresh trim work. I absolutely LOVE my new office and truly enjoy working from home. It's bright, it's feels fresh. And late nights in this little room of mine aren't that bad either. 

Still need to work on styling those shelves but I digress...


Okay, back to the walls. Some other cool features include sound insulation, which is a must for conference calls. It's pretty darn easy to install - think two weekends. No rotting required because it's not real wood! The shelf life on these planks are legit. And my splinters. Think smooth surfaces and no snagging. 

Isn't that the worst when you rub up against wood and it snags your clothing?


Jack and I chose the Ash Brown Heritage Collection which has hints of gray, too. There's even a built-in calculator to help you figure how much material you need. Once you have your dimensions you can purchase right off Amazon! Fancy that!

What do you guys think? Isn't this a rad product? I just love the finished look and it's quite reasonable. I've linked items below but I'd love to answer any questions you have - ask away!

Special thanks to Kith + Kin for this design opportunity!