Alma mater.


Attending a college football game 17 years after the fact is a completely different experience. Dare I say - I felt old but I was really glad to be through all the trials and tribulations of my 20's. 

My husband and I attended the Iowa/Northwestern game with friends this past weekend and I joked that this was my tailgating attire. It may not have been school gear but I did represent in t-shirt colors! 

I would be lying if I said that I hadn't worn these jeans four days in a row last week. Ridiculous, I know but when you got something hang onto it! I've worn this tee before -- recognize it? Version 2 is right in line with my weekend mood...relaxed and without fuss.

And these Cape Robbin boots? Utter fabulosity and I promise you will gasp when you see the price because I did and then I immediately purchased without a moment's hesitation. So comfortable. I wear them all day on client shoots and beyond. They look great with maxi dresses and skirts, too. Best $$ I've ever spent!

I've linked each exact item below...enjoy!