Thursday loves.


It's funny how Fall emerges and within 24's like majorly over in Chicago. This weekend they are talking temps in the 40's. My lord I am not ready for this. I was really enjoying pumpkins but hey...bring on the velvet, right? My husband literally just called me to secure holiday outings with his family this morning and I am a little baffled by it all but I will tell what I am looking forward to...HOLIDAY SHOPPING. 

Shall we?

  1. How darling are these pjs? I never post pjs!
  2. Mustard isn't my best color but this begs a case to be worn during the holidays.
  3. The perfect dress for a cat costume this Halloween!
  4. Flower power in the form of a bootie.
  5. Such a rich color in a kimono dress.
  6. My inner school girl is screaming "BUY ME".

Happy shopping! xo