Mi amore.

When I think of Valentine's Day, I think "amateur night." I'm sorry, I do. It's not that I'm getting old and cynical...it's just that everyone puts on this ridiculous facade to celebrate a Hallmark holiday. For my husband and I, it's not about over-the-top gifts but more so about undivided attention. A really nice meal with no distraction and really good cocktails. It's that simple.

I love getting dressed up! My husband works pretty late typically so my ensembles are generally pj's or sweats by the time he walks in the door. Read: not sexy at all! 

Still, we take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate which happened to be last Saturday. Thanks Valentine's Day! We had an awesome meal here and capped it off with drinks before we both declared "mercy" and snagged an Uber. In all honesty, we were both dying to get on sweatpants again. Funny how that works?!

I wouldn't have it any other way, I have to say. I believe in dressing up for your man. Dating is one thing but keeping that spark alive through years of marriage is another. I always think it's worth the effort and the element of surprise when he sees you walk down the stairs for date night. Sometimes it's important to set your "Mom Hat" aside and remind him that you're still the girl he fell in love with.

And with that...Happy Early Valentine's Day. Shop my dress + some of my favorite metallic dress options here: