Wrapped in warmth.

I can't imagine a winter that didn't involve heavy coats and multiple layers. It's all I've ever known. And if you talk to any good Midwesterner, they'll be extraordinarily candid about how important a good coat can be. Take it from someone who is looking forward to 40 degree temps today. And yes, you read that correctly. We were in the negatives just 48 hours ago, my friends.

Lucky for me, cute coats do not mean sacrificing style or warmth. Enter T&J Designs. This coat is WARM! Did I mention the cute bow? Cuz that's necessary to up the cute factor!

Right now the site is hosting a 50% off sale, too. Isn't that convenient? Or dangerous pending on who you talk to!

You really need coats for different occasions. This is a great everyday coat for running around and it looks equally adorable with tights and dresses. Don't underestimate the power of a chic coat...after all, no one really sees what you're wearing underneath when you're bundled up running around the city. Might as make it fashionable on the outside, too.

Happy Hump Day...shop my outfit below: