Underneath the Big Top.

Quality time with my kids is somewhat a challenge before the holidays. There's a lot of craziness and running around...and events. We usually average about two weekends of "absolutely nothing" before we turn into spinning tops. Sound familiar?

Well, recently we got to hit the "pause" button and take our kids to the circus for the first time. Honestly, we had forgotten how good it was! Or maybe as adults, we've come to appreciate what a production it is. And our kids...they loved it!

We took our kids to see "Out of This World" - the new production set to ice at the Rosemont Theater. It's a cosmic adventure! Think space meets traditional circus complete with rockets, astronauts, tigers and more. 

It was bright and colorful and just under two hours which is the perfect amount of time to hold their attention. The circus headed to the United Center, in the city, as of 11/13 so you can grab tickets here

Our favorite parts were the acrobats suspended in planets and, of course, the horses. So much so that we got sucker punched into buying a $26 circus horse for Olivia but that's a different story for a different day! PS The tiger we bought Lola was $20...because if you buy one kid a souvenir - you have to buy the other kid somethin' too!

The amount of energy and staffing that go into building out a circus performance, let alone on ice, is mesmerizing. The seamless transition into different sets kept my kids captivated and there was no shortage of live animals either. Truth be told, we even made amends with clowns which hold a certain amount of fear in our household. They were silly and playful and kept my girls laughing.

I highly recommend you catch this show with your kiddos. They have matinee shows in case you're dodging naps in between. Ringling Bros. will keep everyone on the edge of their seat...at least for a solid two hours which is a gift to just about any parent this time of year.

Have a great Thanksgiving week, folks!

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