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Skirting formal.

Sometimes I want to dress up but I don't want to put forth the energy. You ever have those days? You don't want to wear jeans but you know you don't want to wear a LBD. I have a solution for that! This skirt

P/S Sunday's are always excluded from this scenario. On this day we wear no makeup and sweatpants. I'm sorry. I'm not sorry.

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I got it from!

Sometime the best fashion inspiration comes from your husband's closet. And sometimes you need a break from flirty dresses and statement pieces. I completely endorse experimenting with your look based upon your mood. As exhibited here. 

I will tell you one thing...I was comfortable the day I shot this. It was pretty phenomenal.

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Holy chic.

The biggest trend in my daily wardrobe seems to be the resurgence of all black and white. I've always prided myself as a colorful girl hence this realization is really confusing me. On one's really easy to get dressed when you reaching only for neutrals. On the other hand...I feel like my sartorial taste is changing yet again. (sort of like hormones but more fun)

The good news is...I still love me a good graphic tee!

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