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Skirting formal.

Sometimes I want to dress up but I don't want to put forth the energy. You ever have those days? You don't want to wear jeans but you know you don't want to wear a LBD. I have a solution for that! This skirt

P/S Sunday's are always excluded from this scenario. On this day we wear no makeup and sweatpants. I'm sorry. I'm not sorry.

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I got it from!

Sometime the best fashion inspiration comes from your husband's closet. And sometimes you need a break from flirty dresses and statement pieces. I completely endorse experimenting with your look based upon your mood. As exhibited here. 

I will tell you one thing...I was comfortable the day I shot this. It was pretty phenomenal.

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I've talked about this before but after a week of meetings and events and fancy dresses; all I want to do is throw on jeans and a flannel. Layering season is my favorite!

Fact: this is the first year I refused to buy sugary coffee drinks. Pumpkin lattes included. It's weird I realize but all I crave is black coffee. Is that odd?

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What a week! I was so relieved when Friday hit. Not only is it a welcome change to sift through my denim piles; it was also nice to mix up some layering pieces as well. Between a very FT job, one ear infection, one sore throat, a broken car handle and crappy sleep - this was about as creative as I could get. 

Looking back in retrospect, there's nothing not to love about this outfit. It's still polished enough for a Friday but relaxed enough without looking sloppy. Like I always say people: stock pile enough neutrals in your closet for those brain dead days. Zero brain activity and still looking chic is a must when you're in a pinch. 

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You really snuck up on us didn't you, Fall? Little devil, you. 

Just when I finally came around to florals - the temps dropped, the leaves started to fall off the trees and I started craving hot coffee as opposed to my usual iced. Shoot, it's dark out at 7:30 now!

Not that I'm complaining...I kinda jump for joy when I get to bust out Fall fashion.

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Everyday I wake up and decide what I am going to wear based on my mood. My sartorial taste is like a box of never know what you're gonna get. And maybe there's a small part of me that likes to keep them guessing. True to my Gemini attributes, I get bored easily and I'm a constant chameleon. 

My husband and I always joke around because I am the exact opposite of his taste in women's fashion. I was reminded of this on Saturday when we rented The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. He la-la-loves Leslie Mann and truthfully, I don't blame him. Especially her "look" in this film. It was very Conneticut-meets-Tory Burch-with a spoonful of Trina Turk-meets-Diane Von Furstenberg. He just loves that East Coast look. I couldn't be more opposite. I mean, for one, I do not own a wrap, there's that. 

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Addicted to love.

If you were an 80's child like'll know where I am going with the title of this post. This dress took me straight back to Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video, which by the way, was amazing. Stop it, just watch it! 

I always say I'm all set in the LBD department but turns out I was wrong. I love the laser cut and the pointy shoulders. Truly, the 80's was my decade. Except when I was feeling my inner hippie last week.

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