Everyday I wake up and decide what I am going to wear based on my mood. My sartorial taste is like a box of never know what you're gonna get. And maybe there's a small part of me that likes to keep them guessing. True to my Gemini attributes, I get bored easily and I'm a constant chameleon. 

My husband and I always joke around because I am the exact opposite of his taste in women's fashion. I was reminded of this on Saturday when we rented The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. He la-la-loves Leslie Mann and truthfully, I don't blame him. Especially her "look" in this film. It was very Conneticut-meets-Tory Burch-with a spoonful of Trina Turk-meets-Diane Von Furstenberg. He just loves that East Coast look. I couldn't be more opposite. I mean, for one, I do not own a wrap, there's that. 

Let's talk about this killer neckline. No accessories needed and the retro shades...I die. It's so fun to play with different personas. Sexy librarian anyone? (P.S. I hated the Dewey Decimal System)

Do you change personas when you dress for the day or am I the only one with schizophrenia? It's just me? Fine then. (You still should grab this crop top because it's amazing! I plan on pairing it with black, cigarette pants ala Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face next time)

H&M Beaded Top | Forever 21 Pencil Skirt | Forever 21 Classic Pump | c/o Fashionably Excessive Demure Shades | Stella & Dot Rose Gold Bangles | Revlon Moon Drops Hot Coral Lipstick