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What a week! I was so relieved when Friday hit. Not only is it a welcome change to sift through my denim piles; it was also nice to mix up some layering pieces as well. Between a very FT job, one ear infection, one sore throat, a broken car handle and crappy sleep - this was about as creative as I could get. 

Looking back in retrospect, there's nothing not to love about this outfit. It's still polished enough for a Friday but relaxed enough without looking sloppy. Like I always say people: stock pile enough neutrals in your closet for those brain dead days. Zero brain activity and still looking chic is a must when you're in a pinch. 

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Amber details + giveaway #2.

When it comes to summer dresses, I've never met a print I didn't like. Perhaps you could say I'm a little print crazy. Hence when I laid eyes on this maxi with the unique cut-outs - I knew this wasn't going to be the type of maxi dress I'd wear to our weekend Farmer's Market. Rather, this was a fancy maxi. A date night maxi.

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