Sunday chic.

The sun changes everything doesn't it? Immediately my mood is lifted and everything seems like it's going to be A-OK! 

My husband and I spent a glorious late afternoon turned evening date night catching dinner and a show in the city this past weekend while our nuggets had a sleepover with the grandparents. 

While we didn't sleep in at ALL (Daylight're a drag) we did throughly enjoy a lazy Sunday morning filled with coffee and the news. Not Bubble Guppies. It's the little things...

It seemed the appropriate time to break out the florals, too! 

And yes, that is grass you are seeing again, albeit a tad brown, but nonetheless it's GRASS!

I've been on a neutral kick these days. I scored these pointy toe boots from H&M recently and they are on major repeat. It's the perfect match for my pretty, chiffon top imparting a dose of femininity on my otherwise casual attire. The color palette is filled with blush-y goodness. I can't wait to pair it with an off-white pencil skirt.

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