How to break up with your hairdresser...gracefully.

Let me preface this with one simple fact - Goldie, if you're reading this, I love you and adore you. 

Truth is my darling Goldie has been doing my hair for almost a decade. One fateful day whilst sitting in her chair, she enthusiastically shared with me that she would be moving with her wife, a Navy gal, to West Virginia in April.

I was gobsmacked. I felt like someone was severing off an appendage. At the same time, I knew she was excited and, I was excited for her. She was extraordinarily happy and like any friend in toast their happy moments and share a bottle of wine during the sad moments. This was a happy moment. For her. 

Two things dawned on me. 1. I was screwed. 2. Where was I going to find a new hairstylist?

And to answer your next question...yes, I'm aware Chicago has a rather dense population and considered quite a large metropolitan city. Still, I'm loyal, girl! This was devastation station!

So began my quest to find my next stylist. You should also know I am one picky betch. Fast forward to one lucky blow out at DreamDry by way of a blogger event and I found my next hair BFF. He's a great listener, knows I want to get out of the chair like 20 minutes ago and Imagine that.

Which begs the question: What if you don't like your hairstylist anymore? What if you want to break up? What're not feeling the love anymore?

Here's some trusty advice from the mouths of my fellow hair babes. And guess what...sometimes they want to break up with you, too!

  1. Honesty is the best policy. Tell them what needs to be improved and give them a chance to improve it. If not, the break up should come as no surprise.
  2. Know your cost. If that cost starts to slide over time...ummm, they are dumping you.
  3. Decide what you're willing to overlook. Occasional tardiness? Bad conversation? Negativity? If these are non-negotiables...bow out gracefully. No need to hurt someone's feelings.
  4. One truism that reigns supreme - a healthy hair relationship really comes down to chemistry. Even the best stylists will discontinue a relationship, and so will you!, if you can't find a balance and a trust within the first two appointments. Do you like a chatty Cathy? Do you like utter silence? Be upfront or at least send a smoke signal!
  5. Proper tipping: this falls on you my sweets. If you like your hair, for god's sake, tip your guy/gal well. This is the foundation to showing your appreciation and solidifying a place in their books every four weeks.
  6. Book your next appointment when you're checking out. If you don't book that means your non-comital and let's be honest, you ain't gonna book an appointment, girlfriend. You know it. They know it. Cut to the chase. And if you do book and cancel 8200 times...well, don't be that girl either. You're actually taking dollars away from them.

There you have it. Good luck Goldilocks! 

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