Christmas spirit.

There's nothing more Christmas-y than a tree lot. With just the right lighting, they can be downright magical...especially when you have them all to yourself. I told you I've been stealing little holiday moments all to myself! You'd be amazed what 15 minutes of sniffing Fraser Firs does for your stress levels. 

I've been straying from the typical weather conversation but holy crap it's been unseasonably warm. Let these pictures be a testament to that! 

This meeting look is my latest obsession. No thought required. I'm loving this Ellie Kai Herringbone blouse for it's versatility. On Sunday I wore it to brunch with a pair of bell bottom denim. A little tuck at the waist for definition and you've got instant chic!

The Ellie Kay Classic skirt is a must, too. It sits perfectly on the hips and is customizable! I chose it in grey with a bright, coral zipper for added pop. I love that unexpected detail bringing winter drab to fab!

I grabbed my softest pink, boucle topcoat and a pair of metallic heels - and it's out the door! 

Be sure to check out Ellie Kai - you're the designer. Choose your style, next your fabric of choice and order your design. Your order will arrive at your door in three weeks designed and made for you. How cool is that? (I always wanted to be a fashion designer!)